We have an in-house agency. If we were to work with Balan, can we continue placing our own ads?
Definitely. We offer ad placement as an option to those clients who may not have the time or in-house personnel to manage placement.

If you were to handle our ad placement, how much would it cost?
As opposed to the traditional 15% ad agency commission, we charge an administrative fee based on the time involved as opposed to the cost of your insertions.

What does the administrative fee cover?
• We will assist with budget & media planning – (upon request)
• We will assist in negotiating media rates, along with editorial exposure – (upon request)
• We confirm issue dates, deadlines, cost, specifications, and required proof & file formats, along with preferred file transfer procedures.
• We flight-check all digital files before forwarding
• We make certain ad files & proofs arrive on time
• We confirm receipt and compliance of files & proofs
• We QC publication tearsheets
• We will review your media billing for accuracy – (upon request)

How do you handle media billing?
Billing options are flexible. For some clients, we negotiate rates, manage placement and billing. However, we also have clients who prefer to be invoiced direct by the media.

Can you handle the placement of our non-print media?
Yes, we can assist you with the planning, creation and placement of non-print media.