Case studies or application profiles have proven to be one the best ways of leveraging your completed work.

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Case studies can be a strong marketing tool for any solution provider.

Design Professionals:
• Architects
• Design/Build Firms
• Engineers
• Industrial Designers
• Interior Designers
• Municipal Planners
• Custom Home Builders
• Commercial Developers
• Hardscape Contractors
• Landscape Contractors
• Marine Contractors
• Restoration Contractors
Manufacturers of:
• Carbon Reduction Systems
• Green Building Materials
• Permeable Pavement Systems
• Rainwater Harvesting Systems
• Recycling Equipment Systems
• Renewable Energy Systems

The best case studies serve to position your firm as a category leader in the minds of your prospects,
customers, vendors and business partners.

  • New technology involving green building materials and/or systems, sustainability, energy use reduction, etc.
  • Solutions involving new state or federally mandated environmental regulations
  • New and/or improved installation methods
  • New design trends
  • Equipment and/or systems providing new cost-efficiencies
  • New labor-saving techniques, products or systems

The benefits to both you and your business are:

1. Something for Everyone
Case studies can be designed to touch upon multiple aspects of a project, increasing the likelihood of your prospects finding something applicable to their needs or job function.

2. Third Party Endorsement
Done right, case studies can provide that all-important third-party endorsement of your business or service through customer testimonials.

3. Enhanced Credibility
Credibility can also be enhanced by including relevant comments from participating design professionals, sub-contractors, business partners and vendors.

4. Easily Repurposed
Content can be cost-effectively repurposed for online use, including your website and email marketing. It can also be tweaked, reformatted and distributed to trade (or consumer) publications in the form of either news releases or editorial support.

5. Strengthens Network
Benefits often extend beyond your company to your business partners – those design professionals and sub-contractors whose skills and talents contribute to the success of your project. Case studies can, and often do, strengthen your network of business partners.

6. Quickens Application Process
The content developed for case studies can often be helpful when completing applications for industry awards and recognition.

What’s involved in getting started?
The question most frequently asked is: “With our staff stretched so thin, how do we go about compiling
and organizing the necessary content?” The quick answer is, let us assist. Researching and organizing
content for print and new media is what we do, and we are pretty good at doing it cost-effectively.