Highly targeted custom magazines offer a unique opportunity to totally control your message within an attractive, informative and universally accepted format – free of competitive advertising. Should your firm be considering a custom magazine (print or online), we would be pleased to assist you in evaluating partnering opportunities, potential ad revenue and overall cost-effectiveness as it relates to your short and long-term objectives.

Related Services:

• Digital Prep
• Printing Supervision, if applicable
• Distribution, if applicable
• Content Repurposing
• Digital Asset Management
• Media Kit Development

• Viability Brief
• Project Management
• Publication Design
• Editorial Planning & Scheduling
• Content Development*
• Copy & Photo Editing

*Huge consideration. Most companies find it relatively easy to compile enough content for the first few issues. Beyond that, it often becomes a challenge to maintain consistency as it relates to established editorial profiles. We overcome that situation by reseaching and developing title-specific content well in advance of scheduled publication dates.