We are going to need help in updating our current website. Afterwards, we would like to have the ability to handle basic updating ourselves. Is that possible?
It is not only possible; it is currently preferred by most web developers and clients. An administrative or content management system can be built into your new site that will allow you and/or your staff to update most copy content as frequently as you wish.

What about future updates like new sections and/or functionality?
For most businesses, web development is an ongoing process driven by: 1) strategic anticipation, 2) change, and 3) site activity or analytics. Beyond normal updating, it’s not uncommon for business sites to undergo a major overhaul every few years.

If we were to change developers, can any portion of our existing site be saved?

Yes. Providing there is a level of cooperation between the parties involved, file transfer can be accomplished with relative ease and in a timely manner. If on the other hand, you are looking to significantly enhance the content and overall functionality of your site, you may be better off building upon a new foundation. The age of your existing site should be a consideration as well. As technology continues to change, new opportunities arise that you may wish to take advantage of.

Are there problems that can occur when making a change from one web developer to another?
Of course there are. However, it has been our experience that most, if not all, problem areas can be easily avoided through good communication.

Is all of your web development handled in-house?

Not all. When projects require a technical expertise beyond our own, we don’t hesitate to involve our long-time business partners.

We are contemplating an e-commerce site. Is there any way of determining beforehand if our products will sell online?
We will give you an honest assessment of your product’s sales potential based on our experience. By their very nature, some products do not sell well online. Product evaluation is important in that your products will ultimately determine the success of any e-com site you choose to develop – regardless of the technical expertise applied in creating it.

Is your development team capable of growing with our business?
Yes. From a technical standpoint, there isn’t anything we have asked our developers to do that hasn’t been accomplished in a timely manner, while utilizing the latest available technology.

What about tech support after the initial launch?
Without a doubt, the availability of reliable tech support should be an important consideration. Here too, our clients have had nothing but favorable comments concerning the prompt response and technical expertise of our development team.