Can We Manage E-Marketing In-House?
Of course you can. Many small businesses do an excellent job of managing their own programs. There are scores of easy-to-use “templates” available for virtually anything from e-newsletters and websites to even ads and brochures. If templates work for you, and you have the staff and the time to manage an ongoing program, an in-house approach is certainly worth trying.

When Does Outsourcing Make Sense?
Outsourcing makes sense when it becomes obvious that your time and that of your staff can be better utilized concentrating on your core business.
As is the case with most ongoing communication efforts, in-house teams seldom have trouble generating enough content for the first few issues or campaigns. Beyond that, is where we are often called upon to assist.
We plan and develop content that speaks to the specific interests of very targeted audiences. For example; your primary customers may consist of homeowners, distributors and retailers, while your prospects may include design professionals, developers, general contractors, municipalities and even government agencies. The interest each group has in your products and/or services can differ substantially. If you’re not addressing the interests and needs of these individual groups with relevant and timely information, a good percentage of your efforts will be wasted.