…is all about balance – the balance between sound marketing and creativity. It’s about never losing sight of our primary responsibility to you as an integral part of your sales team. The creativity…well that’s just something us marketing folks use to engage, inform and motivate your customers and prospects.

You'll find we do a lot of listening.
We do a whole lot of listening, along with a good deal of homework, before offering a single suggestion. Regardless of how much industry-specific experience we may have, we don’t pretend to know the subtleties of your business. Our approach is as unique as your needs and objectives.

When we do talk, it's straight talk.
You can also trust us to provide you with an honest and realistic assessment of any given project or marketing program. If in our opinion, you don’t need an ad agency or marketing firm to achieve your goals, we will tell you so up front. If another firm is better qualified to address your needs, we will tell you that as well. Ours is a business built on long-term working relationships as opposed to short-term gains – the kind of relationships that are built on a strong mutual trust.

Our recommendations are based on experience.
Regardless of how large or small your business is, any sustained marketing effort represents an important commitment of resources. As with any business, mistakes caused by inexperience can be costly. With Balan Marketing on your team, you will be partnering with a firm that combines extensive business experience with a strong creative capability – ensuring the cost-effectiveness of your marketing materials.